One SOA-trained Chilean Goon Commits Suicide, Another One on the Loose in Florida #OpSOA

We are thrilled to report that on Saturday September 28, 2013 Chilean SOA graduate General Odlanier Mena, put an end to his miserable existance by firing a bullet into his head.

Mena attended the School of the Americas for nine months in 1970. Three years after graduating, he took part in the military coup that killed President Salvador Allende and started the 17-year Pinochet dictatorship.

Mena operated a military death squad, coordinated state terrorism through the Chilean intelligence service, and was responsible for assassinations, torture and repression.

Other School of the Americas graduates, who should follow his example, are still on the lose. Among them is Pedro Barrientos, who is responsible for the murder of Chilean folk musician Victor Jara. Barrientos lives in the United States, and the U S government refuses to honor a Chilean arrest warrant that was issued against him. Pedro Barrientos last known address is 475 La Vista Drive West, in the city of Winter Springs in Florida.

We call on the Anonymous collective to expose the soldiers and instructors at the School of the Americas.

The SOA/ WHINSEC, and the entire barbaric foreign policy agenda of which it is part, must be destroyed.

Join us from November 22-24, 2013 at the gates of Fort Benning Georgia.

We are anonymous.
We are everywhere
We are legion.
We do not forgive. we do not forget.
Expect us!


About symeanon

We are calling on the Anonymous Collective to expose the graduates and instructors of the SOA/ WHINSEC, and others who are responsible for their atrocities.

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